Agiotfest ’14


The Fallout wow Agiotfest

The party is over and what a party it was. The weather stayed kind, the show rolled out. It is less than two days since the Agiotfest curtain fell; there is no considered way in which any meaningful article by me can be produced at this point. So for this month I’ll let the first few photos and a selection of comments from the fans do the talking.

Bernhard Heppner;  ‘to all members of the agiot team: thank you very much for that event, it was so great’.

Anne Hodgson;

‘ Fabulous night, congratulations to all groups and a big thank you to Paul for organising yet another great event. Roll on Agiot 2015.

Diane Carden; ‘Great night and great entertainment’.

Monique Michele Vincent; ‘brilliant thanku had a blast’

SallyTinkler via The Corfu Grapevine;  CONGRATULATIONS to Paul and Loula McGovern and the crew for putting together a fantstic night’s entertainment. This year you tried a different format – and by gum did you get it right. EPIC NIGHT – Thank you.  Xxxx

Frank Paul Bloomfield See, I told you it would be a great night , as usual !!


Mary Walker ; ‘Another agiofest success fantastic night such a lot of hard work and dedication goes into this event a big huge thank you to the Minstrel and everyone involved in this we just sit back relax n enjoy superb entertainment throughout the night well done all xx

Kelly-anne Delph ; Brilliant night really enjoyed it loved cuckoos and fallout xxx ++++

I want to thank all our loyal supporters, without whom the show would not even get off the ground. A core of these supporters is indispensible. In the meantime thank you for the biggest crowd we have had to date, the special Agiotfest atmosphere, the splendid musicians, comperes and the great sound, time and effort put in by Bill Vrioni and his patient and friendly crew.

So it is goodbye to 2014, goodbye to the New Cactus Hilton with a tear, and great expectations for fields anew. The Thursday before there was an „unplugged‟ session at Ma Cocette, featuring two of our acts, The Fallout and Maria Voulgari.

The Minstrel