Agiotfest ’11


The feedback is telling us that this year’s Agiotfest is the best so far. Not all hold that opinion, yet many do. Here are some comments from our growing band of supporters;-

“Long live Agiotfest-where can you see 5 great bands-7 and 1/2 hours brilliant music for 20 euros? The very best of evenings-gets better every year. Well done to all for organising it xxxxx” … Carol Stroud
“Another great night at the Agiotfest Music Festival, well done Paul and all involved, we had a great time and danced our socks off!” … Vanessa Katsarou
“Just back from Agiofest 2011. Well done Paul, for organizing a BRILLIANT NIGHT!!!! We all thoroughly enjoyed it.LOLxxx” … Sally Tinkler
“We had a fantastic time last night at the Agiotfest Music Festival. Feet still sore from dancing and throat still sore from singing . . . Cant wait for 2012. Thank you Paul and all who made it possible. Lx” … Linda Ashton
“It was brilliant!!! I’ll be back!!!” … SKMS
“Fantastic night out. A variety of music styles. Kept my feet tapping all night. Loved the agro of Vince Vortex and his clan and Jimmy James and his Vagabonds were just something else….probably the best live act I have seen. His impact on stage and with the audience was great. Need everyone to step out and support next year’s Agiotfest. If you haven’t been, you truly don’t know what you are missing. Well done Paul, Loula and special thanks to all the volunteers that helped to make it happen.” …. Emma Wood
“Brilliant. Good organization. Fantastic night ! *****” … Jo Parker
“Thanks to all concerned. We had a great night.” … Will Davies
“I want to compliment you and all the others that cooperated – that include me – with AF 2011! It was a party, wasn’t it? And you were right, Jimmy James was a valuable act to get everybody – except me – on the dance floor. OK, disco is not my music, but he did a wonderful thing. I liked Vince Vortex the most, although the female singer of the Rebellions was much more attractive. And what a voice!” … Dick Mulder

“I enjoyed the night very much.. How did it all go? Better than last year? I thought there were more people there, but maybe not as many as there could be… Also I happened to win the first prize of the lottery! I have the winning ticket no 282… See you soon,” … Peter Papageorgiou

“Really enjoyed the event, Paul x” … Sandie Gray

Around thirty musicians filled the stage for seven hours or so, letting rip to an audience estimated at between three and four hundred.

Steve Dell and Natasa Katehi wove their chemistry again as joint-Comperes. Steve was over from Cyprus for the event and offered his services freely, as did Natasa.

The decibels were cranked up immediately under the olive spread as Vince Vortex and the Cukes belted out their brilliant covers of Clash and Sex Pistols, amongst others. Great band, and super blokes to talk too, despite their fearsome image. A lot of people have commented on their performance; a certain R. Bennett reckons they sound more like the Clash than the Clash.

Onto the second act, the Rebellions-our local band. Another great performance. Sofi belted out her numbers with power and style. What a voice! George is a true virtuoso; people were losing count of the number of woodwind and stringed instruments he was swapping between.

The Outboys emerged as a real Agiotfest act. Micky the drummer admitted to being nervous before the show; he has such a local following (being a true son of Agios) he did not want to let anybody down He didn’t! Now we know he can drum. The band had learnt and now played a Dave Smith number, very poignant to be played at the site of his former Corfu home.

4Square. Not much to add about them. They have become part of the legend. This year their performance was more mature, more poised, new material. Off-stage they are great youngsters, always a pleasure to be around. Most important of all, their feet stay firmly planted on the ground.

Dora Dihiou was a late addition from Rumania. She had one short rehearsal with 4Square prior to going on stage with them. Yet they looked as if they had played for ages together.

Jimmy James and his super Vagabonds; I think Jimmy had a special magnet in his pocket, because as soon as he was on stage people were filling the dance area like lemmings. It was amazing to behold. Jimmy has been doing this for decades yet he was as fresh as a new act, and his voice was bewitching. The Vagabonds were all perfect gents and mixed easily with other bands and followers alike. Two of them were mad enough to play golf in the hot afternoon, before their gig.

This is a big thank you to all who came. Nobody so far has said they didn’t enjoy it. But if we are to continue with this super fest we need larger crowds. Sadly, too many miss the opportunity with such comments as ‘well, I didn’t think it would be much’ or ‘you can’t expect much for twenty Euros’ or ‘Twenty Euros- too expensive’ or I wash my hair on August 27th’ etc etc. It is quite often people with these attitudes who are the first to moan when there is nothing to do. C’est la vie.

We can’t thank our supporters enough. Many of them freely give of their time to make it the success it has become. People like Rich and Karen Quilter and Ken and Jan Harrop put hours and hours of work into this just because they believe in it. Brenda Pangiakotis was a star. Single-handedly and with no financial recompense she organized the U.K raffle, which raised money for Dr Bernardo’s. Then she suffered and coped  with the madness of the days leading up to the event. Jimmy Pangriakotis did everything from taxi-ing to sign-writing to pulling pints. Great lad!  Paul and Jan Scotter, Carol and Derek Pullen and Chas and Brenda Clifton annually bring numbers of their friends along. Janet Baloura, Di Kontou, Di Carden Sally Tinkler, sell tickets and drop flyers and spur us on.

Paul and Sally Grove for sponsoring through Daylong, and allowing their land to be used for the stage.

Spyros Hytiris who was disc jockey extraordinary. Unnoticed on the night with his quiet professionalism, he acted like a good referee. Thanks to him the event was recorded by Greek State Radio, and on the Friday he arranged an hour-long ‘unplugged’ show for 4Square, which included interview. That was an amazing experience, which impressed even the hardened engineers in the booth.

Emma Wood of Giga Promotions, whose marketing skills brought us Vince and the Cukes and opened doors for a rosy future.

Peter and Kostas McGovern, who enjoyed this one better.

Jon Watts for his continuous website support and encouragement over an entire year, and his regular attendance.

Daniel Blom for his excellent coverage  in What’s Up Corfu.

Bill Vrioni who worked beyond his brief to deliver a super sound and light system. Several band members afterward mentioned his was one of the best sound systems they had ever worked with.

Richard Wilson for his long-tem support and ace stage-management at the show.

Dr Lionel Mann for his very long-term friendship and work and support, despite recent ill-health and for his sponsorship of 4Square’s flight costs.

Dick Mulder for his super photos.

Mitsos the Electrician. He laid on the power and nothing was too much trouble for him.

Janet of Ocay. She is marginally less long-suffering than Lula over this crazy venture. Again she came up trumps with a smile on her face.

Helgy Heine; what a doorman!

Elly and Sony and Jimmy, three Albanian brothers who toiled in the heat.

Tsokas coaches for supplying 2 coaches this year. Next year 4?  Aqualand for support and coach parking.

Sue at Castaway Travel for promotion and the northern coach.

Spiros Revis for escorting the southern coach and distributing leaflets.

Gouvia Marina and Airport for allowing posters.

The Syllogos for chairs and Uncle Prokopis for carrying them.

For the well-wishers abroad like Barry and Stella Knight, Mike Collett, Jackie Dickinson, Vickie De Rouville, Simon Baddeley and many others; thank you.

Raffles the Caterers for their yummy food, and their star comedian Bryn.

Corfu Beer for their yummy beer.

Lucy Steele for organizing the entire Greek raffle herself and with help from Jo Parker.

Maureen McNamara and the Ark for helping and joining us.

The wave of friendship and support all year has been the greatest boon of all. You warm the cockles.

Last but not least the kindest and least rewarded of all; Lula. Without her input it would not happen. Period.

Finally, I am a half-brain, so if I have left anybody out please feel free to sue me.